A Belfast Photowalk in December

The Samson & Goliath Cranes from across the River Lagan
The Samson & Goliath Cranes

An odd thing happened in last summer.

The Fujifilm X100v developed a fault and while it was being repaired I got an overwhelming urge to look for another camera.

I admit, the same way an earworm plays that tune in your head, I get a 'techworm' that gives me an obsessive desire for a new gadget. I had beaten this disorder in the past but alas, photography has given it a new avenue to expand.

Another person would be patient and wait for their camera to be returned from the repairers. But in October 2022 I dug into savings and acquired the OM SYSTEM OM-1 Digital Camera with 12-40mm PRO II Lens.

But I will cover that camera another time.

This is about my first photowalk in months with the Fujifilm X100v.

The OM-1 is an exciting camera and I'll be reviewing it. If you are interested, consider subscribing. It's free and lets you comment on posts.

I missed using the little Fuji gem and when my car got called in for an urgent recall, I took a day off work and explored Belfast on foot.

The OM-1 Impact on the Fuji Experience

Since using the OMDS OM-1 I have returned to shooting RAW stills. While the OM-1 has a plethora of JPEG presets and artistic settings, I preferred to manage the look of the images in post-processing.

I learned about the limitations of the Micro Four-Thirds system and the risk of blowing out highlights and reduced dynamic range. To avoid the risk of ruining shots I reverted to RAW-only shooting and I've been pleased with the results.

Returning to the Fujifilm X100v I began to question the JPEG recipe approach and the added pressure of getting the photograph perfected in-camera. There was the added dilemma of recalling the Fuji settings after a few months.

For the photowalk I chose to shoot RAW+JPEG but in all honesty, I was in a RAW frame of mind.

Why Two Cameras?

I have no regrets purchasing the OMDS (Olympus) OM-1. But this is what I'd say to anyone considering a fixed lens camera; think and take your time deciding.

If you have a definite genre e.g. street photography, the Fujifilm X100v is perfect. If you want to take a range of styles, street, landscapes, and objects, you might want to consider a versatile lens option.

I'm in the latter camp and look to photographing whatever attracts me. I'll avoid the trap of one genre or another, or one definite style. For me, the fun and the challenge is in the variety, avoiding pressure to create a multitude of images around the same topic.

The OMDS OM-1 will be my companion on landscape and nature shoots. While the Fujifilm X100v will be my go-to camera for street, documentary-style, and travel photography.


Between June and November 2022 I have run five half-marathon routes and one thing learnt is if I can run that distance, I can walk it. I had no intention of walking over thirteen miles but in the end I covered 27,000 steps.

With the car out of the way for six hours I set off with the X100v, two batteries, and several coffees consumed.

Note to self: In future take a bottle of water.

I took over 140 images and kept 59 for Lightroom and my memories. I will share a fraction on VERO and ten made it to the blog. Nothing helps you filter images like the thought of sharing them.

Reviewing the images, the photowalk took the form of three chapters. Greys and blues dominated the street images, candy colours featured in the Belfast Christmas market, followed by a return to Autumnal fall colours for the Lagan towpath.

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