Discovering a Wildflower Heaven

A sea of blue and yellow wildflowers stretching up to a hedge and rustic shed.
Wildflower Heaven

What I thought would be a working-from-home day turned out to be a stroll through an abundance of colour.

I needed some wood to fix part of a gate and at lunchtime decided to visit a business near home.

I commissioned the perimeter fence and garden sheds from the business and thought it would be an opportunity to pay the owner a visit. We have some lengthy conversations or as we say in Northern Ireland, a good chat.

I arrived to find the business closed for holidays but as I turned to head to the car Martin shouted over to me.

An old milestone from the Banbridge to Dublin Road.
An old milestone

After discussing my requirements we got talking about his trim track. The trim track is a forested area with mown paths crisscrossing. It's open to friends and people Martin knows. I had planned to visit the track as part of a running route.

Martin offered to walk with me and I was amazed at how beautiful the place was. A secret garden.

There are a couple of picnic tables, a shelter for walkers, and beehives hidden in the centre of an ancient ringfort.

Over a small wooden humped bridge we strolled to Tullyhenan ringfort at the highest point. Taking the path to the left of the fort led us to the most amazing wildflower meadow I had ever seen.

The meadow was a breathtaking view of blue cornflowers, poppies, daisies, and many other wildflower varieties.

Being there changed the course of my day.

I returned home and applied for a half day leave, ran 9½ miles, and returned to the meadow with my wife and the X100V in the early evening.

My wife adores blue flowers and I couldn't wait for her to experience the sea of blue, yellow, red, purple...

Thank you Martin for the experience.

Alan Marsden

Alan Marsden

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